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Making video games is my hobby. Most of them are created in my free time and just for fun, while some are results of game jams - I have made a few 48-hours games for Ludum Dare competition.


Click on images to read more about tools I use or used in the past to make games: code libraries and editors as well as content editor tools (graphics, music etc.).

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hex trams

Current project

I am currently working on a public transport simulator game, Hex Trams. I am writing it using Java and LibGDX. The game will be probably ready in the end of 2014 April 2015. You can read more about Hex Trams on the development blog.

Stay tuned

Feel free to contact me, you can find my e-mail address in the footer. If you are interested in latest news about games I am making, you can also follow me on Twitter.

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