Hex Trams

Hex map based public transport simulator

Build tracks

build tracks

Place stations

place stations

Manage tram routes

manage lines

Observe as the city grows when you satisfy people's transport needs

observe city growth

Currently in development, coming to PC in the end of 2014 in April, 2015 in the end of 2015.

Double Cannon

Released: 16-12-2013

Plays: 2409

Current version: 1.0

You have only one life and two cannons - will you survive the massive enemies attack? Game created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #28 competition, theme: 'You only get one'.

double cannon screenshot
the ancient eye screenshot

The Ancient Eye

Released: 16-10-2013

Plays: 1962

Current version: 1.1

Mix of shooter/defense game: defend your magic eye against waves of enemies using 7 types of weapons, buy extra ammo in shop after each wave. The game has 10 worlds, each harder than the previous one.

10 Seconds and The Wizard

Released: 25-08-2013

Plays: 2148

Current version: 1.0

Help Garry find a wizard in this funny point-and-click adventure! Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #27, theme: '10 seconds'.

10 seconds and the wizard screenshot
neverending bricks screenshot

Neverending Bricks

Released: 28-04-2013

Plays: 2361

Current version: 1.0

Neverending breakout with scrolling, randomly generated bricks. Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #26 competition.

Fear of the bubbles 1.5

Released: 10-04-2013

Plays: 2115

Current version: 1.5

Try to overcome your fear of the bubbles once again! This time you have to stand against 20 waves of new, more dangerous bubbles and 2 powerful bosses.

fear of the bubbles screenshot
hedgezoo screenshot


Released: 22-04-2012

Downloads: 2009

Current version: 1.1

Manage a small hedgehog business, plant apple trees, build huts for hedgehogs, cure them if they are ill, and make sure they don't eat unfresh apples! Each of 12 levels introduces some new elements of gameplay and sets the difficulty level a bit higher.

Fear of the bubbles!

Released: 03-08-2011

Downloads: 1642

Current version: 1.0

Try to make your way through 40 waves of various types of evil bubbles. You will die if any of them touches you.

fear of the bubbles screenshot